Inspiration, Success, Leadership

How many times per day do we see those words and how many times do they appear on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn pages? Countless times, over and over, in different shapes and sizes, screaming at you in CAPITALS, urging us to meditate, take yoga classes, change our diet, go to the gym, travel, read.

But do they stick in our mind once we’ve stopped reading? They are relevant for a second or two, and then? What do we think about when we shut down our phones and put our heads on the pillow? We still think about the day that has gone by, or the days to come, but we hardly ever think back to those so-called inspirational posts…

What really drives us to actually take action, start a new educational course, improve our knowledge or reach out to work colleagues from a different departments and learn new skills? What does it take to get us off the sofa, join a gym and finally lose those 10 pounds that are, in part, caused by sitting behind our desk or binge watching the latest Box Set?

My belief is that we only learn from experience, from the people we interact with, from stories that resonate. Stories that strike a chord and make us say: ‘you know what, I am doing this! Not tomorrow, not next Monday or next year, but right now!’. We learn from taking responsibility for something that is important to us - so important that everything else seems inconsequential.


Pets of Champions started with an idea. One simple phrase in a presentation, submitted to an internal contest, sponsored by our management. A few weeks later an email announced that the idea was voted as the winner and that they were expecting a strategy to create and implement it. The result: Pets of Champions, Powered by Discovery!


This project will give you the chance to discover some of the most amazing people.

Fighters, believers and hardworking individuals, who have overcome some extraordinary situations in their lives. But most of all, people who have never given up on their dreams, who put all their energy, commitment, training and mental strength into their fabulous journeys.

People who have changed history for their countries: record breakers, flag bearers, multiple Olympic medallists. One of the things that struck me when I talked to them is how modest and down to earth they are. They are acutely aware of every difficult step it takes to keep going, to keep performing, to keep living their lives, visualising and building their future. And how easy they make it sound, despite all their struggle and sacrifice.

Get your tissues ready, this is an emotional journey.

Spending time with each of them gave me a new perspective on what inspiration truly is. I really hope that following their stories will inspire you and stay with you. Please take time to learn about their less successful moments and how they found the strength to overcome them.

And yes, take as much time as you like to learn about their pets, to explore the Instagram stories, the GIFs, the MEMEs, their story together, the love, comfort and extraordinary bond they have.


The pets - Kira, Jaws, Baloo and Macho will steal your heart with their tricks, their faces, their favourite activities and food preferences. You can learn more about their breed and will even invite you for a stroll in the woods or an ice football game. Some of them will even share their favourite toys with you!

They will put a big smile on your face, that’s a promise and they will teach you things you never knew existed. That’s because they are not just simple pets -  they belong to some of the most inspiring people you will ever meet and they need to keep the standards up, just like their Champion owners do!

I cannot thank the contributors to this project enough: Julia Dujmovits (snowboarder, Olympic Gold Winner in Sochi 2014), Anke Woehrer (snowboarder, Olympic Silver Medallist in Sochi 2014), Šárka Strachová (alpine ski racer, Olympic Bronze Medallist in Vancouver 2010) and Konrad Niedźwiedzki (long track speed skater, Olympic Bronze Medallist in Sochi 2014). If their highest achievement as athletes is winning a medal in the Olympics, then Pets of Champions is my Olympics.

Please join me on this journey and find your inspiration in their stories, whatever that may be: getting a pet, joining the gym, start that blog you always wanted to, go back to school, make a little more effort and nail that interview for the job of your dreams.

Build your own Olympic moment, I know you can!

Delia Dobritoiu

Creator, Director and Producer - “Pets of Champions”



Anke Woehrer, Julia Dujmovits, Sarka Strachova and Konrad Konrad Niedzwiedzki are four great Winter Olympics champions that simply adore their dogs and shared with us their emotional stories.


Humans at Pet of Champions decided there are too many pet stories to be shared with all those who love them, so here are some of our favorite ones received from our readers.


They are not necessarily anybody's pets, but that does not mean that they are less important for us. Step into the hidden world of the most beautiful creatures on Earth, the wild animals!