Macho - the Loyal Supporter Who Doesn't Like Ice

Schnauzer Macho and Konrad Niedźwiedzki have been friends for 10 years, so it’s only natural they have their own routine. And for a 10-year-old dog, Macho is very fit! No wonder with all the exercise he gets! We should also mention that although Macho is Konrad's greatest supporter, he really doesn't like ice.

KONRAD's Moral Support 

Have you seen Macho yet? It’s hard to imagine anyone being sad around him. First and foremost, he hardly sits quietly anywhere for longer than 5 minutes! But does he know how to comfort Konrad Niedźwiedzki when the going gets tough?

Macho - No Fan of the Ice

Konrad’s pet was named Macho because ever since his family got him about 10 years ago, he always acted as a protector, especially for Konrad’s mother who is often alone when Konrad and his father, who is the coach of the female skating team in Poland, are away. Without trying to steal Macho’s glory, being a protector is in the nature of his breed, (mini) Schnauzer. They were used as guard dogs by the Germans in the First World War, as dispatch carriers by the Red Cross and they are very loving and caring towards humans. They also love the outdoors very much. And when it comes to ice….

The Schnauzer Looking for Konrad

Schnauzers may be very good guardians and protectors, they have big personalities and loud barks. But how good is Macho's attention span especially in a crowded, loud space like an indoor skating ring? Is he able to recognize Konrad Niedźwiedzki on the ice ring?

Author: Delia Dobritoiu


Olympic champion Konrad Niedźwiedzki has a lot to say when it comes to speed skating and his miniature Schnauzer Macho. Here are some of the things we've found out from Konrad when we interviewed him few weeks before going to PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games. In case you want to find out more about Konrad, follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram