Paris, Mon Amour!

I’ve got you with the title, didn’t I? I thought so! Oh, yes, you probably thought of Paris, the city of love, dreams, saints, scholars and billions of lights. Or did you think of the other Paris, the handsome one, who chose goddess Aphrodite over Hera and Athena? You know, the Greek who caused the events that led to the Trojan War. Well, sorry to tell you, it’s not about either of them. This is my story -  the Handsome Paris, a very much loved and precocious three-month old Jack Russell puppy.

Some call me the Jack Russell Terrier or Parson Russell Terrier, but to my humans, Flor and George, I’m just Paris. The first kid in their apartment. I was touched by so much love that I turned into a writer!  So, here’s my story!

  • Pet Name: Paris
  • Age: 3 months and 1 week
  • Breed: Jack Russell
  • Favourite food: anything I’m not supposed (read “allowed”) to eat
  • Favourite toy: whatever I can get my paws on

The story of how I tricked them into taking me home…

Mom and dad were looking for a Jack Russel for quite a while. They said they knew exactly what they were looking for, but funny thing is they ended up with me and, according to my mom, I’m not even close to what they’ve imagined, in fact I’m quite the opposite. I guess she forgot that God works in mysterious ways. But the joke was on her! It only took some pictures of me and my brothers, sent by one of their closest friends to get their attention. It seems I was the smallest and puniest of all, but that did the trick! It looks like they had a restless night and full of dreams. They got quite emotional and made a lot of plans, though I’m not sure what those plans were.

Long story short, we met the next day. I must confess that I was also taken by surprise, when one of my chubby and sluggish older brothers caught the attention of my parents. I have to give it to him, he did put up quite a fight. Lucky for me, mom could not resist my gorgeous, suspicious and playful eyes and they took me home! What a joy! And what a day that was! Even though it was just a cold December day, our happiness made it feel like the sunniest spring day!

From Paris with Love   

I guess I owe you guys an explanation about how I got my name especially after tricking you in to reading my story with this catchy title. No, my mom and dad aren’t big fans of Greek mythology. And no, mom and dad did not start their love affair in Paris, but in Bucharest. Yet, according to mom, the city of Paris has that “je ne sais quoi” that makes people fall in love with it. And that apparently is just like me! My charm and big personality (despite my size), makes me irresistible! How can you say no to such an adorable Paris like me?

And speaking about Paris, there’s something else I must confess, believe it or not, I am a fashionista. I have great taste for nice, elegant and unusual things, for example my bowtie or my fancy bed. Oh, yes, and I do dream about becoming a celebrity. Maybe that’s why I’m taking Balzac’s words very seriously: “Whoever does not visit Paris regularly will never really be elegant.” By the way, mom and dad keep this in mind, please!

Quality time with mommy

Mom has a big, big heart and she is beautiful! I love spending time with her in the morning when she drinks her coffee in the kitchen, not just for her company, but I enjoy the fresh coffee aroma. But this entire morning routine does come with its struggles. There are so many temptations I can barely resist and mom knows it. For example, if I spot something I’m not allowed to eat, that instantly turns into a yummy truffle. I’m a bit greedy and I’m longing for trying out new stuff, but my favourite food must be the healthy type!

I do know my way around the cabinet where mom keeps my delicious rewards for those (rare) moments when I’m at my best behaviour. It’s true I have a very fine ear and a very sensitive nose, and that together with my irresistible puppy eyes, are always bringing me a good treat, even when I don’t deserve it. Sorry, mom, I know it’s not fair, but I can’t help being this cute!

I like watching her putting on her make-up. She’s quite an artist, you know. I’m not joking, she really is a Make-up & Hairstylist and works with TV celebrities when she’s not taking care of me. I have been known to steal a brush or two, or that shiny thing she uses around her eyes from time to time. Anything that sparkles I just can’t keep my paws off! I love to tease her, although she’s doesn’t like me stealing or playing with her fancy makeup products. There is one occasion, though, when I get involved in the makeup ritual, and that is at the end of a long day. I and responsible for helping her remove the makeup! You know how? I lick her face and she lets me!   

Best moments with dad

I’m an energetic and spirited Jack Russell, with a big personality, loving, devoted, and endlessly amusing, I enjoy my life and all that it has to offer. Most of all, I’m a very lucky boy who loves spending time with his human daddy. He makes me feel so loved and spoils me every day. It’s no secret I take my good looks and taste for style after my daddy.

Daddy lets me do (almost) anything I want, even chew on his clothes. When we go out for a walk he removes my leash so I can run wherever I like. Mom is more composed when it comes to my walk. My exploratory and hunting instincts are already legendary. Mom isn’t a fan, but it’s not my fault, it’s my DNA! The best thing about our walks is we usually go together.

When dad gets home after a busy day, we all know that’s when the real fun begins. We have our playing routine and it can get pretty wild. That’s kind of a given with us Russells, we can’t stand boredom. Our high energy level can top even that of a Fox Terrier. And I do care about my family’s reputation!

For experienced dog owners only

Some say educating a Jack Russell is not an easy task. They go as far as recommending us “for experienced dog owners only”. There’s a bit of truth in that, but here is my side of the story. I’m highly trainable, but I do have a mind of my own. Luckily dad has a lot of patience and a keen sense of humour, so he turns the training hours into a lot of fun. Most of all, daddy knows how much I love my treats. Not to mention how much he praises me! That’s why I already know “sit” and “find”. It’s just “stay” and “drop it” I have trouble with, but we’re working on that.

A handful, restless, yet a charmer!

I’m restless, I love to play, it doesn't matter if it’s a cork, floor mop, a remote control or my personal toys. By the way, I’m not much of a sharer when it comes to my toys, and I have no intention to change that; at least not for now. I know it’s hard to believe, but I gather all my toys in one place all the time. I am extremely orderly! That’s something I’ve picked up from my dad!

I am a handful, clever and independent. I am always finding some ways to “get me out of my comfort zone’ as you humans say. You did not see this coming, did you? Well, digging imaginary holes is a speciality of mine, I do it all the time and I do it well; under the blanket, in the snow, wherever I can. But, ask anyone and they would tell you, I’m as charming and affectionate as a pup can be.

Just like most Jack Russell Terriers, I’m friendly with strangers. I love playing with kids. My parents would tell you that the moment I hear a kid’s voice or laughter or sniff another doggie around me, I’m wagging my tail to let them know that I’m ready to play. When it comes to the big grumpy old dogs, I’m more cautious. I would rather adhere to a "live and let live" philosophy. I maybe be little, but I’m not stupid. Plus, I know dad always has my back!     

What’s next … new adventures!

I got lucky, I must say it! I’ve got the best human mom and dad I could have ever wanted. Honestly, I did not know this when I picked them up. But, I guess my intuition worked very well. Kudos to me!

And that’s about all for now, but stay tuned because I’ll be back with new adventures!



Author: Paris & Ana Maria Bogdan