Hello my friends! Yes, I do consider you my friends since you are now reading my story. That means we will be more intimate from now on, just like friends are! Please allow me to introduce myself: my name is Tommy and this is the only name I intend to answer to, because Pussy (cat) is far too condescending for a cat of my standing!

  • NAME: Tommy
  • AGE: 10 years old
  • BREED: Birman
  • FAVOURITE FOOD: dry cat food
  • FAVOURITE ACTIVITIES: sleeping and meditating
  • FAVOURITE PLACE TO HANG OUT: the stone fence, he spends hours watching the street life
  • FAVOURITE TOY: no toys, no cats, only humans and dogs
  • RESIDENCE: Bucharest, Romania


I joined my family when I was only six weeks old, as a present for Vera’s 10th birthday.  And the truth is that we were a perfect match from the very beginning: both adorable, lazy, easy-going, stubborn, we move slowly, never with haste and most importantly, we LOVE sleeping!

My life is mostly very pleasant and comfortable. There were a few occasions which were terribly distressing, but I decided to be tolerant, since I love my family so much. Let me be more specific about this affirmation. I used to be the only cat in the house and my best friend was Masha, a lovely German Shepherd. She was perfect, and I say “was” because unfortunately she is not with us anymore. I have no idea where she went. I’ve heard my humans mentioning the words disease, old age, passed away.  I really hope that she is alright no matter where she is now. While Masha was still with us, my family acquired another puppy who was named Blacky – very appropriate, since she resembled a black ball of fur! She definitely did not replace Masha in my heart, but, what can I say, she is old now, not so playful, still pretty small and has some strange habits (still!). Sometimes she mistakes me for a different kind of … partner and that is particularly annoying. I am, after all a very educated cat!


The first melancholy moment in my life was when the family brought home a small kitten, but she disappeared soon after. Again, I heard that word, disease. It was quite unsettling.

About three years ago tragedy struck once again. Another kitten, small and playful, who was apparently rescued from the streets, was taken in by the family. She was very cute, but from then on, I realised that my peaceful life would be history! They named her Laska and she was everywhere and anywhere! All the humans were kind to her, even my Vera! She called her “my cat”. So, who was I? I felt like I had lost my identity, my purpose in life.  She took everything away from me and she was slowly invading my territory.

Not to mention the fact that her education, or should I say, lack of, was appalling! She would often jump over the fence and disappear off to play with the stray cats in the street. She was barely 11 months old and she was restless! One day I noticed that she had gained weight and her belly was growing bigger and bigger every day. She was about to explode!


The mystery was resolved one day when I arrived home from my morning stroll around the garden. It was a Friday - I cannot forget that day! Strange voices were coming from the kitchen, so I went there to see what was happening. I was speechless, kittens… wow… lots of kittens… 3? No, wait, 4. Oh, no! 5! What are we going to do? Don’t be mistaken, I like children, but I cannot have any of my own because I underwent surgery. Eventually, the idea of taking care of the little ones grew on me and I was ready to step in as a father figure for them.

But the reality was so different. They were noisy, demanding and always hungry! Even if I still dislike Laska, I pitied her! For more than two months she had no life of her own. Finally, in September four of the little ones were adopted by family friends and we said our goodbyes. I was devastated, but I suppose that the house was too small for all of us. One of the kittens stayed with us, though. Vera’s brother, Matei decided he desired a cat of his own. I am glad we kept her as she is so much more well-behaved than her mother. I guess my influence is quite visible in her upbringing. She is polite, respectful and a pleasure to have around.


But this family cannot get enough of animals! In October 2016, a new puppy was brought in. They named her Coffee and she is a lunatic!  She eats everything and jumps on all of us - humans and animals alike! They even paid a trainer to teach her how to behave. I can see the progress, but she still has a long way to go. I blame her character, quite insufferable! Yet, they still adore her… This is so bizarre!


There were two moments in my life when I was terrified. And neither of them relates to any of my siblings, as irritating as they are! I am a very handsome cat, yet modest. So, it is only natural for humans to be enchanted when they see me. They cannot get enough of me! This got me into a lot of trouble, twice! Back in 2009, I was held hostage for about three weeks. It was very traumatic because I could not escape my prison. I was kept in the dark, with hardly any food and forced to spend time with a cat I did not know, nor did I have any intention to get intimate with. The same incident was repeated in 2017. This time they held me captive for a month and a half.

I thought humans were intelligent.  At least my human family is very educated and look at me! I still cannot believe my kidnappers were unable to tell that I underwent surgery and that I cannot reproduce. I know it is a shame, but I fully trust my family’s decisions and I made peace with this reality. I wish they left me alone! Including Laska! Oh, don’t get me started again!

Author: Tommy, the intellectual