Ringo, the German Shepherd - Julia Dujmovits' Childhood Friend

Ringo, the loving German Shepherd, was Julia Dujmovits' childhood friend and even though many years have passed, the great moments they spent together are just unforgettable for Julia. The bond with your first pet, especially as child, is unique, and everyone who has experienced it will agree.

We’ve shared on Pets of Champions Instagram account lots of great quotes on why dogs are a man’s best friend. And if we have not convinced you yet, maybe some scientific facts will, especially when it comes to the relationship between children and dogs. 

Dogs are fun and exuberant friends that can prevent depression and loneliness for children. They are the ever-willing play-buddy when your kids needs them. Dogs teach children responsibility, patience, compassion and socializing. Dogs can also help children practice motor skills by feeding and grooming. As dogs love to play, chase, and run, they will help your kids maintain their good health. Last, but not least, numerous scientific medical studies have shown, without a doubt, that dogs can be true life saviors, as they sense when children with epilepsy are about to have a seizure, or when the levels of sugar are low for diabetic children. Dogs are great at helping children with severe physical disabilities find happiness in life.


Dogs definitely make for some of our greatest and loved memories we’ll ever have. Julia Dujmovits’ memories of her German Shepherd childhood friend Ringo, only confirms it.

Ringo is a common name for a dog, however it is a male name. For Julia Dujmovits, Ringo was her childhood female pet German Shepherd and they had a wonderful time together. Even though Kira replaced Ringo soon after the latter died, Julia still remembers having the time of her life with Ringo. Unlike Kira, who does not like any other animal around, Ringo was friendly to all the animals in the household, including the cat.


Also known as Deutsche Schäferhunde or the German Shepherd breed is the second most popular dog breed in America and that's not without a good reason. He is one of the most loyal and brilliant companions one can have. However, he's well-known for its protective personality. If a German Shepherd feels a threat to the people he/she cares for, they will assert their dominance and go into guard or protection dog mode. 

Intelligent as it is versatile, the German Shepherd requires an active lifestyle. He can live outdoors in cool or temperate climates, but enjoys living indoors too. Captain Max von Stephanitz, the creator of the Deutsche Schäferhunde, said:

“the most striking features of the correctly bred German Shepherds are firmness of nerves, attentiveness, unshockability, tractability, watchfulness, reliability and incorruptibility together with courage, fighting tenacity and harness.”

German Shepherds are immensely versatile dogs, displaying a keen intelligence while dutifully performing their tasks. They make some of the best working service dogs, that can do anything & everything for their humans. Caring and easy to train, German Shepherds are one the first choices for leading blind or being ears to a deaf person. For Police units they are the best in bomb sniffing, drugs searching, or rescue dogs. At the same time they can be the best clowns cheering up kids in hospitals or elderly in hospices. They wouldn't be all around the best breed to own. Therefore, it's no wonder why the German Shepherd is one of the most flexible working breeds alive today. 


The question here should be, is there anything not ok when having a pet? They are lazy with you when you sit in front of the TV binge watching the latest series, play with you, develop your sense of responsibility as a child, look after you when you are sick. Dog, cat, bearded dragon, hedgehog, they all give you something back once you welcome them in your life. Even if Kira gets occasionally upset with Julia Dujmovits for not being around that much, they eventually end up spending quality time together.

Author: Delia Dobritoiu


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