Sarka Strachova & Baloo, Her Rhodesian Ridgeback Best Friend

Šárka Strachová, the first alpine racer representing the Czech Republic to medal at the Winter Olympics and at the World Championships and just the second Czech alpine skier ever to medal in the Olympics, just had to have an equally special companion and friend named Baloo, a truly loving Rhodesian Ridgeback dog.

Šárka turned out to be an extremely warm host and she even gave us a special welcoming message just for you, so please listen to it.

Baloo, the Rhodesian Ridgeback

First and foremost, as Šárka Strachová herself told us, you can’t be in a bad mood when Baloo is around. One of the curious things we learned about Baloo is that he really does not like the rain. But, once we got to find out more about his breed, this was no longer a surprise. The Rhodesian Ridgeback comes from far away African lands, so no wonder Balloo does not enjoy the rain. He simply adores sleeping in his own bad.

And if you plan a Rhodesian Ridgeback, here are a few general facts about the breed

  • Rhodesians are an African breed, initially protectors of farms, who then developed into big game hunters, especially of lions.
  • They have a strong impulse to chase, so they like to run around a lot, and can get easily carried away and end up on the street in front of the cars, if you are not mindful, so it is advisable to play with them in safe and controlled areas.
  • They are very loving, get along with children and other pets very well, however they can see other animals as either competition or prey. They are very protective of all members of the family.
  • Rhodesians are very greedy when it comes to food, so make sure that you are not overfeeding them and spend at least half an hour with them outside and allow them to exercise to prevent them from becoming obese.

They have been a popular breed for many celebrities. Famous owners include Patrick Swayze, Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier, Errol Flynn and Blake Griffin

The Adorable Puppy Baloo

Have you seen a Ridgeback puppy? Šárka Strachová’s Ridgeback Baloo is nothing less than what you expect. There is not much we can say about this, you really need to watch the next video to see it for yourselves.

Spending time with Rhodesian Ridgeback Baloo

Baloo is very loving and needy, he does not like to spend a lot of time alone. And that would not be advisable either because another general trait of the breed is that, if ignored, Rhodesians can literally tear a place down. Since Šárka’s retirement in 2017 and the announcement of her pregnancy in November last year her schedule has changed massively and so has her routine with Baloo.   

The much needed winter clothing

Rhodesians are originally an African breed, so they love warm weather. They like to be indoors, especially during the cold and wet winters. It’s not that they do not like snow, but their short hair does not protect them as much, so the owners need to make sure that they are well taken care of. Even if that occasionally means adding on an extra layer.

Author: Delia Dobritoiu