Sarka Strachova's Journey from Alpine Skiing to Sports Clinic

All the athletes we have interviewed had at least a plan, if not already a second career lined up. Julia Dujmovits is giving a lot of love to her yoga Youtube channel and TV show, Anke Woehrer is looking forward to becoming a full-time police officer, Konrad Niedźwiedzki is keeping a few options open, but they are all still competing. Alpine skiing Olympic medalist Šárka Strachová is no exception!  


Šárka Strachová made plans for her retirement a few years back and when the moment came in the spring of 2017, she was already the proud owner of a holistic and sports clinic in Prague, which does not leave her too much time to miss the training. She is now a full-time business woman!

Sarka Strachova's SPORTS CLINIC

Šárka Strachová’s business is not just a regular sports clinic. It combines western and eastern medicine, looking after both body and mind, helping people recover from injuries, but also helping them keep a positive mindset. Even Baloo likes the clinic, as he often accompanies Šárka to work, even though he is not really allowed to walk around. He is happy to sit quietly in Sarka’s office until she is ready to take him back home, or out and about in the beautiful Prague, alongside the Vltava river bank.

Author: Delia Dobritoiu