Anke Woehrer's Life with Siberian Husky Jaws

So, now that you've already met Siberian Husky Jaws, Anke Woehrer's amazing friend, let's find out how he gets along with people. Later we'll see what Jaws and Anke love to do together and whether Anke can imagine her life without a pet. 


Jaws is a friendly and loving dog… most of the time. He can be a little “cold” when you first meet him, as he tries to figure out if he wants you around or not. Once he makes up his mind about you, you can expect any of the following…

Anke Woehrer and Jaws Love Playing Football

Anke and Jaws love their football matches! It’s not like anyone is keeping the score, obviously Jaws is better at football, but as Anke is an Olympic champion in snowboarding it’s very difficult to take sides. The truth is what you believe to be a football game, is actually part of Anke’s training. Whenever Jaws accompanies her to the gym, which is most of the time, they take advantage of each other’s needs. Whilst Anke needs to warm up, Jaws likes to run, so this is a win-win situation for both parties. They both end up in the gym afterwards anyway. And yes, you can assume that Jaws will basically just do nothing whilst recovering from running, however he is quite interested in Anke’s training and continues to follow her around, keeping an eye on the weights, abs workout or… counting the squats.


Look, we are not judging here! We accept the fact that there are people who do not feel comfortable with the idea of a pet in their lives. However, we choose to ignore those people for the moment as we are huge animal lovers and we want the entire world to know. The truth is, that once you have lived with a pet the absence of that little soul, whatever breed or species is very hard to bear. Can Anke see her future without a pet in it?

Author: Delia Dobritoiu


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