What Most People Don't Know about Anke Woehrer

We all have our little secrets, ideas, things we do not often talk about and Anke Woehrer makes no exception. While spending time with Anke trying to get to know her better, we found out a few things that most people do not know about her.  

The Crazy Knitter

When you think about an athlete’s life you mostly picture; train, eat, sleep, repeat! We tend to forget that they travel frequently, often for extended periods of time. What does an athlete do then? Anke Woehrer admitted that for a long time her favourite activity was reading, a lot! But after many years of lugging books around, she realised that she needed something else to keep her entertained during long flights, so she spoke to her mother and decided to give knitting a try …

The Police Officer

This question was not on the initial question list, but it came up during the interview after Anke Woehrer explained how many hours a day she spends training. It was more of a comment on the fact that 5 to 6 hours a day, six days per week, are dedicated to the sport and this does not really leave her any time for a normal “day job”. Technically, that is true, however the reality is a little more… complex.

Thoughts about Retirement ...

A normal person would picture retirement as a time to slow down and relax, well deserved after a lifetime of work, traveling, reading and raising grandchildren. For an athlete such as Anke Woehrer, retirement has a completely different meaning. Anke is looking forward to that moment and here is how she plans to spend the rest of her life, once the snowboard is only taken out for family holidays.

Author: Delia Dobritoiu


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