When You Have a Husky Like Jaws!

If your are reading this article, chances are that you have no doubts that a dog is man’s (and woman’s) best friend. And most people probably know, dogs can improve human health either by helping you exercise more or socializing with others, releasing the tension, giving you a sense of safety and even improving your mental health. Numerous scientific studies have also proven that.   

“The dogs seem to be a consistent motivator for walking,” said Elizabeth Richards, an assistant professor of nursing and lead researcher of the Dogs PAW (Physical Activity and Walking) study at Purdue. “Unlike a human, the dog very rarely says they don’t want to go walking with you.”

Yet, for Anke Woehrer, Jaws, her loving Siberian Husky, is more than just a friend. Husky Jaws is the one who motivates her even when she doesn't feel like training. He is the one that always helps her recharge her batteries and helps Anke through tough times. Let's see what Anke has to say about Husky Jaws' constant help! 

Daily routine

You are probably well aware that if you commit to getting a dog, your life will never be the same again, especially if you are normally a couch potato. Expect to go out at least twice a day, and not just for a coffee with friends! Walking a dog means first and foremost moving, in many cases even running and definitely playing outdoors. In Jaws’ case, this routine goes very well with Anke’s training routine, so when she’s around they motivate each other to face any situation, come rain, snow or heatwave to achieve their goals. 

Training with Husky Jaws

Anke and Jaw’s dynamic is quite complementary. We can agree that there is little incentive for Jaws to actually train for anything. He does not live in Siberia, and despite the name of his breed he does not have to pull sleighs or be involved in any activity that would require any type of training for him. For Anke Woehrer training is part of her life as an athlete, and Jaws is an outdoor dog, so every chance he gets to go out of the house is more than welcomed!

How Jaws Helps Anke Woehrer during Though Times

We often think of athletes as super humans; always motivated, constantly on top of their game and permanently fit and healthy, and forget that their lives, as glamorous as they look on the podiums, in front of a sea of flashing cameras can face a multitude of challenges. Moral support is vital for every individual and even more so for an athlete fighting for a medal. Can you guess how Jaws helps Anke through tough times?

Author: Delia Dobritoiu


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