The Hip-Hop Bichon Bandit

Being a Bichon does not mean that you cannot express yourself through Hip Hop Music. Meet Bandit, a trickster who will steal your hearts with a smile on his face.

  • Name — Mahon Bandit
  • Human — MRV
  • Age — 1 year and 4 months
  • Breed — half-breed Bichon
  • Bandit’s Bio — currently HIP HOP music composer/performer (please check my latest single below)
  • Party tricks — sit (only when I want to, don’t get used to it!)
  • Favorite activity — begging for food, playing fetch, courting girls, licking humans, sniffing for bones outside
  • Favorite food(s) — BONES! But since I’m not allowed, any kind of meat will do. And carrots!
  • Citizenship — Romanian

Once upon a time

A long, long time ago, in a country far, far away…

Err, wait… in fact it’s not so long ago and it’s not even so far away. It’s not a fairytale, not even a superhero story, only a normal “tail” of a great friendship, which will be still writing itself, hopefully, for many, many years from now on. It wasn’t a touching story of a dog rescued by a human, but, in a way, it was the dog who rescued the human.

After a few years spent abroad, in the Netherlands, this human returned home, after a set of disappointments, and re-adjustment wasn’t as easy as hoped. So, a distraction was more than necessary.


The coincidence was that the best friend of this human had a lady metis Bichon, named Pufa, who had a discrete love affair with a royal descendent of pure breed Maltese, King, which resulted in the birth of five gorgeous half-royal offspring. Since it was established a while ago that the human in this case would eventually adopt one of Pufa’s kids one day, it seemed like the perfect moment to do so.

So, once upon an October in 2016, there they were, five pups, three of them boys (white, beige, dark brown) and one completely melted human having a very hard decision to make, with her eyes wide open and heart jumping for joy. And then something happened. A small sweet life, a tender heartbeat, the warmth of the little body, not much bigger than the palm, cuddled in this human’s hand, a funny yawn, the beginning of a roar full of personality and it was love at the first “touch”. His temporary name was Mahon, due to the color, and he curled up, not only in the palm, but also in this human’s heart, right away, without any introduction or doubt.

… And this is how I, the human, became HIS. HE adopted ME.

Of course, he had to stay with his 4-legged mom for 2 more months, to start his vaccines, to learn how to eat solid food and other necessary stuff (how to chew on slippers, how to pee in the house, how to train his humans and how to melt their hearts). Then, for Christmas 2016, he came home.


Regarding his name, well… Of course, Grandpa had to see him, at least in pictures, before he came home for good. The first reaction? “Wow, what a face of a Bandit he has!” And since this reaction came also from a very good friend of the family, the name stuck.

They say that the names choose the people. And this name has chosen the perfect little guy.

When it comes to funny stuff…

Well, there isn’t any day that passes by without one or two hilarious moments in Bandit’s company. The way he jumps around like a little goat, the way he spies from under the bed to see when the fridge door is going to open, the way he runs around the house and slides on the carpet in the bedroom as if he were on a sleigh, the way he throws his toys in the air, the way he looks after he wakes up, always with a bad hair day…


And because Bandit will always be a bandit, once he stole my wrist watch and hid it under the bed. I looked for it for hours, not understanding what happened and thinking seriously that I’m starting to suffer from Alzheimer’s, forgetting where I put my stuff. I looked in every shoe in the hallway, in the fridge, in the oven, in the laundry basket, in the dish dryer, in the pantry… And after a few hours, when I wanted to extract Bandit from under the bed, I also noticed my watch, together with a couple of toys and a leather slipper. So, from that moment on, when I don’t find something, anything, I check under the bed first.

Too bad that he didn’t think to also hide a couple of hundred Euros. It would come in handy now…

The Hip-Hop Bandit Song

Yes, I know, you are still puzzled on why I named this story "The Hip-Hop Bichon Bandit". Well, because Bandit love hip-hop music and he has his own song called "Hip-hop Bandit" 

My name is Bandit and I’m here for a while,
For a year or twenty, just to make you, guys, smile,
To make you my masters, to count on you
So dear silly humans, 
Howl do you do?
I chewed on your slippers, I peed on your bed,
I chased after cars, no need to be said,
I was a cute little puppy but now I am more,
A super-star half-breed, like no-one before!
Fear not of the bandits, the Bandit is here
And he’ll make you so happy - 
Woof course, my dear!
The price is some love and a rub of his ear!
Run with me in the grass and play in the sun,
In return I’ll adore you, I’ll protect you from harm,
Bark-cause I will never betray you, I swear,
So, my dear adored humans, 
Put your paws in the air!

Author: MRV – Bandit’s Human