Mitzi - the Russian Blue Cat Who Thinks She Is a Secret Agent

It is fairly uncommon for cats to really answer to names, just because they are… cats. But when you are the master of the house and a secret agent in disguise, anything should be about yourself. Meet Mitzi, a gorgeous Russian Blue cat, who answers to any name one would call her.

  • Name: Mitzi
  • Age: 13 years old
  • Breed: Russian Blue
  • Owner: Alexa Niculae
  • Favorite food: Meat sticks
  • Favorite activity: Sleeping
  • Favorite place to hang out: She likes to sleep under the bed or in the closet
  • Favorite toy: special wooden stick made of ropes and the living room door rug
  • Residence: Bucharest, Romania


Some of the undercover names she is responsive to are: My little doughnut, My Fluffy sweetie or Mimi, all secret identities she developed over the 13 years of her life, having to cope with different environments.

Her latest undercover mission is more of a bodyguard type one for one of Romania’s top talents. Alexa Niculae, her human and latest covert operation, is a well-known artist in her country, singer, composer, TV personality. Alexa’s latest accomplishment, to Mitzi’s desperation as she cannot travel, is a national tour with the musical Frozen, impersonating princess Anna.

Due to the travel restrictions, she learned by now that this “mission”, after so many years in the service, actually means retirement. 2014 was the year when she was assigned to Alexa and ever since she spends her time sleeping under the bed most of the day or begging for attention whenever she feels ignored. What her human failed to understand is that the (constant) meowing is Mitzi’s last attempt to prove that she is still capable to complete her mission.


Mitzi dedicates most of her time to training, just as she was used to. Hides under the bed or in the closet, to practice her disguise, or runs around using the living room door rug as a platform to launch herself across the obstacles, just like a secret agent must be able to perform.

mitzi russian blue 2.jpg

Apart from that, Mitzi is a very soft and gentle cat, she doesn't have tantrums. She is a bit scared when she doesn't know other people and she is not very friendly with other species either. One day, Alexa invited some friends over who had a small dog. He was a small, inoffensive creature looking for some company. Mitzi was practising her undercover skills and she was hiding under the sofa. When she saw the little dog, she started screaming very aggressively in a low-pitched voice “as if she was possessed”. Then she went running towards the dog, scratched his face. He immediately started bleeding. This came as a shock to Alexa, because she could have never imagined that a gentle cat like Mitzi could transform herself so much when feeling threatened.

Alexa is now thinking twice about bringing home new playdates for Mitzi. With such a ninja cat, anyone would reconsider the options.


When it comes to acknowledging how Mitzi changed her life, Alexa could not be more grateful:

“I think having any kind of pet makes you more attentive and more responsible to their needs and not only theirs. Having a cat made me more loving towards everyone. Cats can be moody and you must understand their capricious nature. But if you can learn from that, you might understand the way capricious people are as well, it’s just on a bigger scale.”

Author: Delia Dobritoiu