Bichon Vivi — the Friend of the Elderly

Her mother calls her the friend of the elderly, Vivi believes that she is a tiger. This is the story of a Bichon mix told by herself in a unique and funny way.

  • Name — Vivi
  • Age — 4 years, 5 months
  • Favourite food — Whatever Mom eats, but because I never get any of that, I eat Hills Gastrointestinal (dog food)
  • Favourite place in the house — Sofa and Mom’s bed (I do have two beds of my own, but I keep my toys in them)
  • Residence — Bucharest, Romania



Wait! Who? What? Ah, you are talking about me! For a moment there I thought that… well, it doesn’t matter. All right, are you sitting comfortably? Do you have everything you need at hand? Do I have your full attention? In that case, let’s begin!

My name is Vivi; I am an almost four and a half year old mix of Havanese and Maltese Bichon. I was born in the countryside, in a small village not far from the capital, and I thought that was it. I would be spending my time exploring the fields, enjoying the breeze in my fur, dreaming about what ifs…

But when I was eight weeks old, my life took a big turn. The one who is now known as Mother showed up in a cab in front of our house, exchanged an envelope with the human who was hosting me and took me away, on the biggest adventure of my life, to reveal my true destiny.


She brought me to the big city, to a cosy apartment in a very posh area and introduced me to my Grandmother. Oh, I still remember the day! It was love at first bark! And even if I did not understand how that would be possible, later on my Mother told me the story behind my adoption. Mom and Granny had lost a furry friend the previous year and they really missed having someone around, especially Grandma, so they decided that it was time to take action. They wanted someone with my features and personality, so no wonder that when they saw my picture advertised, they did not waste any time and came to get me.


As I grew older and got all the shots, I started hanging out in the neighborhood and that’s how I discovered an amazing café nearby. From that moment on, every time I take my mom and sometimes her friends for a walk, I invite them for a Cappuccino at The Roastery. It’s become such a routine, that frankly, I believe that the café is actually mine, so I am guarding it closely against thieves and other dogs. Yes, I am that fearless! I’ve also come to believe that I am a tiger and I am not afraid of anything, seriously, I have no idea why my Mom looks so cross sometimes.

As far as my favorite pastime goes (apart from keeping my Granny company) I own a lot of toys, however my favorite ones in the world to play with are the balls. I am training to play with more than one; it’s a work in progress, though! "Fetch" does not mean much to me, I like running after the balls but I never bring them back, which I guess is what they expect. Booooring! The good part is that I am keeping Mom in shape, as she has to go and collect them all. That is a lot of exercise for her, and I hear that is a good thing for humans.


I like all dogs, but I prefer the ones well built, so what can I say, I’m superficial like that! Not! My best friends are Stella (Golden Retriever), Yoda (Alaskan Malamute), Bandit (he is also a Bichon like me, only bigger) and Apollo (Samoyed). Oh, Apollo! I used to have a girlfriend, Lolita, who was little like me, but she is more of a princess and I am a bit… grrrrr, rough, so she does not play with me anymore. It’s her loss!

Before I let you get back to your business, please check out Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts, all called Pets of Champions.

Now, I will give my Mom the final word, she just wants to say something too.

"In our family, we have older members who simply adore Vivi and love having her around. She is the reason why they laugh and forget about their problems, which is great. Vivi spends a lot of time with her Grandmother who is ill and Vivi makes her very happy. She has the most important role in our family, both carer and entertainer, and she is doing an excellent job!"

Author: Vivi (and Mom)