Plop and Dadu – The Brotherhood of Souls

We have all heard great stories about humans and their pets. This story is about Dadu and Plop, his Golden Retriever, and it's one that goes beyond companionship and could easily be defined as a complex brotherhood relationship. 

  • Name — Plop
  • Age — 5 years old
  • Breed — Golden Retriever
  • Owner — Dadu
  • Favourite food — Apples
  • Favourite activity — Playing in the park (on the“Dog Island”)
  • Favourite place to hang out — The couch
  • Residence — Bucharest, Romania





Plop is a five-year-old Golden Retriever, born in Hungary and brought to Romania soon after. His first owner could not keep him and he was put up for adoption when he was only three months old, an unfortunate event which actually turned into his luckiest encounter. Dadu, who was only 10 years old at the time, convinced his mother to take Plop home and named him after the poplar tree (Plop in Romanian means Poplar Tree), as he was white and fluffy like the fluff that the poplars leave behind in Spring.


Dadu understood that Plop was his responsibility and since day one, he took it on board, walking him three times a day, in the morning before school, after school and once more in the evening, hanging out on the dogs Island in the nearby park or skating in the alleys.

Apart from the daily walking routine, they share a lot of one to ones, lying on the floor and “talking” in their own human/dog language developed over the years.

One of the biggest moments they had to overcome was training Plop to stop peeing all over the house when he was a pup. But Dadu did not give up and used everything he could think of to teach Plop. The thing that probably worked was Dadu kneeling down and begging while whispering in the fluffiness’s ear: "Please, please stop, otherwise Mom will take you away from me.” He may have learned how to use the outdoors for his physiological needs eventually, but puppy Plop continued to chew on Dadu’s Mom’s flip flops for quite a long time after that, to her desperation.

The human sacrifice went beyond imaginable one day, when another Golden Retriever attacked Plop.  Dadu jumped in front of his friend to protect him and got bitten very badly. But that did not change the relationship one bit, on the contrary, it made it stronger, turning it into the brotherhood they share today.



Probably the most amazing thing that Plop does, apart from being a great companion, is that he is a blood donor. Every six months he is taken into a clinic and donates blood for his peers. That is a true example for all of us, who should follow his lead and think a little more about how precious life is and how we can help, with just a little effort.

How did Plop change their lives, we asked. The Moms answer was short and simple: “Plop brings everyday joy and fun into our lives and has turned Dadu into a responsible teenager.”


Did you expect anything else?

Author: Delia Dobritoiu