Cola - The Queen of Light

Diana calls her cat Cola, the queen of light, and that's not without reason as you'll discover. Cola, may not belong to a sports champion, however her owner Diana is an internationally awarded creative, so quite a champion in her own field!

  • Name: Cola
  • Age: 2 years
  • Favourite Food: cat milk
  • Favourite place in the house: staring out the living room window
  • Residence: London
  • Trivia: Snores like a buzzsaw

To anyone else Cola may be just another average cat, but to Diana she’s pretty amazing. Cola is her queen of light. Here’s how …

Cola - the lucky cat

It was a cold night in October and Diana was walking to friend’s house for dinner. On the way she noticed a skinny little black and white cat sitting on a fence post. She stopped to say hi and give her a little scratch on the head but Cola was not going to let their meeting end there. Meowing she followed Diana and her husband to their friend’s door. Three hours later she was still there waiting to follow them home. Long story short she was invited to stay and become part of their growing family. At the time Diana was 3 months pregnant.

A week later Diana and her partner received some devastating news. Diana was diagnosed with a missed miscarriage and the pregnancy had to be terminated. In addition to that Diana was also diagnosed with a large ovarian cyst and scheduled in for open abdominal surgery the following month.

Cola - the queen of light

Cola was a tremendous support during Diana’s recovery. The little cat that she rescued from the streets was now rescuing her from her anxiety and grief. Thankfully happier days lay ahead and once the tough times had passed, hew owner was lucky enough to get pregnant again. Diana is now ready to bring a lucky baby boy into the world and Cola is ready to be the older Cat sister she’s always dreamed of being (not…) Meow, what a joy!

Cola likes to sleep, A LOT , and never misses the chance to cozy up next to her humans for a quick nap, any time of the day. She’s sweet and funny and feisty, but no pushover. She’ll slap you in the face when she is not in the mood to play, but she does know how to look for attention when she needs it. Usually with funny poses one simply cannot ignore.

She has a big personality, but also a big heart, just like Diana. Their meeting was written in the stars!

Author: Delia Dobritoiu