Nacho - the Nosy Bearded Dragon

Let me tell you few words about Nacho, my Bearded Dragon I got as present on my birthday. The truth is I wanted to get a snake for my birthday, but my boyfriend said "no way". So, we ended up in a reptile pet store. This man just came over to me and put something in my hand. It was a Bearded Dragon about 2 inches long, but I was so scared to hold him and we left the pet shop. Two weeks later my boyfriend brought him home as a present for me.

Nacho - the Nosy Bearded Dragon

  • Name — Nacho, after the Mexican Luchador wrestler and hero of Nacho Libre movie featuring Jack Black; 
  • Born: South London

  • Owner's name — Gracie Baz
  • Favourite Food: Cockroaches

  • Breed Origins: Australia

  • Trivia — His favorite thing to do is to sit by the window and people watch. He's just so nosy!

Hi, my name is Nacho and I spend my days looking out the window, I know this isn’t where I am from, but I don’t mind it. I get fresh cockroaches and the crispiest rocket you could imagine. My favorite thing to do is to lick Orange slices and hide from my human mum. Whenever she isn’t looking I will find the darkest spot and hide there until she finds me and I will pretend to be asleep so she carries me back to my house to get cosy for bed. In the burrow of Shepherd’s Bush I spend most days silently judging the goings on outside, there are a lot of strange people that chase each other, but to me that’s normal because I always run away from my mum when she tries to catch me. I love it when my mums friends want to cuddle me because I steal their body heat and get extra warm and I do enjoy a selfie with the guys. I haven’t bitten anyone yet, but I am saving myself for the right victim and then I will have my moment. I can’t wait ‘til Summer when I can show off my fresh Orange tan and until then I will sleep until it warms up.

Mom's word: "When he was little I used to catch him humping plants"

"One day I got him out and lost him.  Honestly, I thought I would never find him again as he was still so small. But we both got lucky! Few hours later I found him asleep in my shoe rack."

Author: Gracie Braz, Nacho's Human